To Mask or Not To Mask

Seems like this Covid thing isn't gong away anytime soon. Maybe if we had started wearing masks right away it would've been better for all. But who knew???

It's a simple thing, doesn't require much effort and yet seems to be a problem with people. Is it attractive? No. Is it annoying? Yes. Does it help with Covid? Yes. So why not do it?

They say it protects you and others. Then protect yourself.

For example, I don't understand how someone with an underlying health condition doesn't have to wear a mask??????? Really? You'd think they'd be the first ones to wear it. I have bad asthma and I know I certainly don't want to get sick. And as much as it bothers me, sometimes I just have to pull it down for a second, I wear mine. Always.

How do you prove that you have a condition? You don't. People lie just so they don't have to wear one. That is very selfish! You know you're going to be stared at. Given the evil eye. Why take the chance to get sick...

Now I am guilty of not following the arrows at the store. Not on purpose. You just forget. You get distracted. And I have to say I get annoyed when people just totally disregard them all together. Look I'm trying here, why can't you. It's a simple task.

Then there's the issue of people throwing their masks and gloves on the ground. Why can't you take it home to your garbage or find a garbage can? Why must you litter? Aren't there enough problems in this world that you need to add to the environment? Geez!

I know we're all tired of this Covid thing. But it's not going. It's going to hang around for awhile. So lets do our best to fight back. Wear a mask, keep your distance, follow the rules, wash your hands. Wait! Who wasn't washing their hands before? OMG! that's a whole new topic! LOL

Things will never be normal. Not like they used to be. Maybe in some ways its a good thing. Maybe it was a wake up call for some not funny way. Seems us humans have a hard time learning and the only way is a tough one. I think we got the point now. Let's fight back.

So the question is to mask or not to mask? MASK!

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