So this is ... 50ish

50..ish... Another decade, half a century...middle age?

Guess it's all how you look at it.

I say 50ish,because I have passed the milestone by 2.5 now. Yes, I'm admitting it. They say age is just a number.Not sure that's true. I mean yes it's true but I hate to say that time, gravity and hormones are the enemy.

50 started out with a 2 week vacation in Jamaica. Not a bad way to start another decade.Wish every year that we got older started that way.Did I feel different? Not really. Maybe it was the rum or endless drinks available. But even when reality set in,it didn't feel different.

I guess as time goes on your perspective on life changes. Your priorities change or you simply just don't give a shit anymore.

You come to realize that some of the things that used to bother you, you just don't have the time for. That life doesn't stop and you need to keep going. That being said, your responsibilities in life increase. Your kids may have moved on and maybe have kids of their own.Your parents get older and may now need your assistance.You learn how to juggle work,kids, family,aging parents and life. Is it easy? Nope. But this is life.

Not sure what I was thinking it would be, the fifties. In some ways it's no different than being in your 40's. There's no handbook. It's a learning process as you go along.There's no returns or refunds.It's a one way ticket whether you like it or not.This is 50ish

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