Monat...What is it?

Monat is a naturally based anti aging hair care that is clinically proven to promote hair growth,reduces thinning,strengthens and thickens and increases hair brilliance.

It's vegan, non-toxic, free of parabens, silcones, sulfates and harsh colors and chemicals. It also detoxes mineral build up and environmental damage and is cruelty free.

Monat is Leaping Bunny Certified. What does that mean? It means that it is the gold standard in cruelty-free certification for personal care and household companies and signifies zero animal testing.

Monat’s packaging consists of recyclable plastic with the exception of the lids. The "green dot" symbol means that for such packaging,a financial contribution has been paid to a qualified national packaging recovery organization. Just another way Monat helps the earth

So what is in their ingredients that make it unique and effective?


It is a blend of 14 natural plant oils rich in omega fatty acids,antioxidants and nutrients that are highly compatible with hair and skin.


A PEA EXTRACT. A natural blend of antioxidants which helps protect the hair follicles to combat the appearance of premature thinning while protecting color and shine


Helps protect your hair color from fading.


This is the key ingredient; Powered with red clover extract, a gentle emollient that reduces scalp inflammation,strengthens and thickens the hair and hydrates the scalp to stimulate natural,noticeable hair growth. The benefits are outstanding clinical results proving significant decrease in hair loss and the increase of hair growth.

Does your hair care products do all that? Or any of it?

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