Monat...Scam or Perks?

Monat is NOT a pyramid scheme! Here’s why:

A pyramid scheme is an illegal business structure that forces you to invest money on physical inventory for your brand. You are required to physically distribute inventory & keep purchasing it.

Monat is a company that uses affiliate marketing as a way to brand their products. Monat does NOT require you to keep inventory or distribute products.

Monat has a one time fee to become a member for your personal gain of not purchasing at retail prices, if you choose to. Otherwise, you can purchase at retail prices.

Monat offers training, marketing tools and an affiliate website to generate sales if you want. There is no possible way to loose money with them. You are able to surpass anyone in this business and make as many bonuses you qualify for..if YOU want.

Monat gives you the choice to buy retail or be a member and receive at a minimum 15% off the retail price, bonus products, FREE shipping, FREE products, access to sales and bonuses. Or just buy retail with NO inventory to keep. The choice is YOURS!

Here's a quick little break down, there are in fact 2 ways to join or just do retail. But why pay retail when you can save a bundle!

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