Me... Diva on the Run

Am I really a Diva?

Guess it all depends on who you ask or who I've ticked off. LOL

So what exactly is the meaning of a "Diva?"

Dictionary says,

"a self-important person who is temperamental and difficult to please". Hmmm.... guess maybe it does apply to me in some way. Again, it depends on who you ask.

At the same time, doesn't it apply to all of us at some point and time? Aren't we all a little diva in some form or shape? Maybe some of us just have a little more than others. Not saying that's me, just simply stating a fact.

And what if I am a diva? Okay, fine, I believe I am in a way. I am not ashamed. It's me,who I am. Not that I think I'm more important than you or better. Not at all. Temperamental? Sometimes.

Particular and anal about certain things? Definitely. Stubborn? Yup. Difficult to please? Again, depends on who you ask...

Yet there it is again, aren't we all those things at one point or another?

I can't deny that I like to shop, love shoes, bling. Getting my nails, feet, hair done... Does that make me more of a diva than you? Maybe. And that's okay if you think so. I'm okay with that.

I originally had adopted the name of "Diva on the Run" because I thought it was cute and was always on the go with family,kids, work, entertaining etc.

And it stuck. I still like it.


Diva on the Run

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