Cell Phone in Hand

People are funny. I don't mean in the "haha" way. I mean in the way of character wise. They act a certain way yet behave differently. They know all the sweet things to say, yet you can't count on them.

They depend on you to do stuff for them, yet you can't count on them. There's no loyalty. Sometimes you can try till you're blue in the face and they don't even notice. Why is it so hard for people to be true.

I posted a post on Instagram about not replying to messages. You know you all have your phones with you, yet some people can't find the time to reply. Are you telling me you didn't see that text message pop up? Didn't see that post you're tagged in? Hear the sound your phone makes when you get a notification? Or you're just selective as to who and when and why you'll answer. Think its part of common courtesy. And I'm not singling anyone out in particular. I'm simply stating a point. And yes, sometimes I take a little longer to reply, it's true. But I do have a full-time job everyday that I leave the house for. I do have to juggle life. So I admit sometimes I miss that notification or take longer. But what's your excuse?

And if I've ever not replied, I am sorry. That was not my intent. I always have my phone with me.

We're all busy somehow even through this stupid Covid (don't get me started), it's still no excuse to not answer.

How do some even run a business if they don't answer their messages? That is not good customer service. Maybe it's me then, I'm not significant enough to be part of your world that I deserve a reply. Point noted. Rant over

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